Russell Bishop – Owner

I became interested in tattoos at the end of WW II when my uncles came home from the war with tattoos of Hula dancers on their arms and ships on their chests. When I went to school I would draw on my arms and the teachers would scold me for doing so. Around the age of 13 or so my brother came home from the Navy with tattoos. He said that if I would take a sewing needle and wrap it with thread and dip it in India ink and then poke it in my skin that it would make a tattoo. Viola!!! I began tattooing my friends.

In the “60’s” after I came home from the military I met a couple of bikers that were tattooing, after a bottle of whiskey they agreed to teach me to build my own tattoo machine and to learn tattooing. So after college and after several years in sales and owning my own marketing company I became disillusioned by it all, we had a cabin cruiser on Table Rock Lake and one day I met a young man covered in tattoos. We talked about his tattoos. He informed me that there was a tattoo convention in Kansas City and that I ought to attend, so I did. I was amazed and knew then what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. So in 1993 after a couple of years on the road tattooing, my wife and I started Skin Illustrations in Overland Park, Ks. And then a couple of years later in Lawrence and then in Marathon, FL., Topeka, KS. and Chandler Arizona. As time went on the desire to retire was more important than all the studios so we closed all but the studios in O.P. and Lawrence.

We now have Skin Illustrations in O.P. and Lawrence, KS. In Lawrence we also have Hairdoos in the tattoo studio. My wife Jan is a licensed cosmetologist as well as a licensed body piercer. She is one of the best piercers in the industry. So that’s my story and I’m stick’n to it.

 Lawrence, Kansas

Janis Bishop 

Always making sure the public is greeted with a friendly face and attitude, customer service and fair price has been my primary concern.  20 years of body piercing, I excelled into Permanent Make-Up in 2000, then added to my professions the title of Cosmetologist in 2010.


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Sean was born in Norfolk Virginia in 1983. After a few years of active duty in the navy his father moved the family to central Kansas where his mother worked in an art gallery while his father practiced law. Drawing was often a source of entertainment in the small Kansas town where entertainment was sparse. After high school Sean attended gun-smithing school where he found that he enjoyed checkering and engraving more than the mechanics of the profession and began to focus more on art and design. After returning to his home town for a short time he decided central Kansas was not for him and moved to Lawrence KS. Once in Lawrence he began to develop the process for his torch burnings as well as his tattooing and after a few years was able to draw the attention of a few galleries in Chicago as well as California and Colorado. Apart from gallery shows Sean also works as a tattoo artist for Skin Illustrations in Lawrence KS and enjoys both mediums equally although his approach to both are quite different from each other.

Brent Franzen

Brent has been professionally tattooing for 25 years and is well rounded in all aspects of custom tattooing including black and grey, intense color work, portrait, new school, and traditional. He studied commercial and fine art at the K.C. Art Institute and JCCC.  He started freelancing at the early age of 15 and has worked in all medias but found his niche in permanent body art “and wouldn’t change it for the world”.  He has received numerous awards from national conventions for best of show, best color, and black and grey.  Brent has guest spotted in studios from coast to coast but considers Lawrence his home.

Overland Park, Kansas

Lance Tuck

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Lance has been tattooing since 1987 around the Great Plains region. Hailing from far western Kansas, he began tattooing friends and family in his teenage years, progressing to work on the general public by 1990. After graduating from K State in 1994, Lance began his professional career in tattooing and body piercing. Among the first licensed practitioners in Kansas, Lance worked with the Skin Illustrations crew from 1995 to 2002. Lance remained active in the tattoo and piercing community in Lawrence, and has since returned to Skin Illustrations. You can find Lance working at the Overland Park location and continues to provide top notch customer service. If you want detail, if you like horror, sci-fi or comic book imagery, if you want fantasy art, come down and talk to Lance.


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I started tattooing as Skin Illustrations back in 1999. Since then I’ve been giving clients the best quality artwork I can portray.  Aside from just the shop, I have worked many conventions alongside with great artists, and even the Sturgis Rally. I don’t have myself “stuck” into any one particular style, as I prefer to excel at all styles.

 Junction City, Kansas


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