Deciding on a new tattoo can be difficult. When you are making such an important, lifelong decision, we suggest you stop by one of the Skin Illustrations’ shops and talk to one of our artists. They will be glad to help you with a custom design, favorite photo or just talk to you about what you want your body art or piercing to represent.  Please note: A $20 deposit is required at the consultation and goes towards the cost of the tattoo.  Tattoo quotes given in person at shop, (no phone quotes) our minimum is $60.00.

permanent makeupPermanent Make-up

Jan Bishop has been doing permanent make-up for 15 years.  She offers this service for eyebrows, eyeliner, and lip liner. Permanent make-up is a great way to look good while taking steps out of your daily routine, or to bring out your best features. Contact us anytime if you have questions.

lip piercing



Jan Bishop has been piercing for 20 years.  She provides, clean, friendly, and skilled service to all of our piercing clients.



fishtail braid Salon

Our salon resides on the first floor of our Lawrence location. Services include haircuts, hair treatments,  natural and exotic hair color, waxing,  and manicures.
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